Monday, August 20, 2007

("Positive" - not "Plus")

{Originally written: Tuesday, October 24, 2006}

My father once told me, "Never allow someone to live rent-free in your mind." My father has dropped many a jewel on me over the years - I think more often unbeknowst to even himself, but that one is up there at the top of the list.

A couple of days ago a person at my job really bothered me off by asking me a stupid question, that by all rights had an undertone that was really questioning my job performance. This was not exactly the best way to end off the last day of work before having four days off, and I left work feeling miserable. To add on top of that, I was en route to the wake of one of my brothers immediately after work (R.I.P. "Giggles").

While driving on the highway I recognized that I was in a negative mental state, and more importantly knew I didn't want to be there, so I turned up the music in the car and I began shifting gears in my mind to try and change my mental state. Two things came to mind that made it happen. The first was that jewel of wisdom from my father. I realized that person at my job was occupying some prime real estate in my mind while I knew I certainly was not occupying any kind of equal value of significance in his mind. Secondly, somehow I thought about my blood type "B+." When that popped into my mind, I felt as though I had just stepped out of the shower! You know that fresh feeling you have while you're still engulfed in the mist and heat and steam right before you begin to dry off? I thought to myself, "this is how God made me ... He made me to BE POSITIVE!" With that, I was able to walk into that funeral parlor and be an example of strength while also enduring sadness and loss.

I used to always think that we cannot control how we feel. I no longer subscribe to that particular belief. You may not be able to control your feelings as they come upon you; however, once they are there and in your face, just as big and bold as the light of day, you can either engulf yourself in those feelings or you can make a conscious decision immediately followed by a concsious effort to change those feelings - especially if they are not condusive to you achieving optimum performance, or at the very least you achieving a positive state of mind.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Five Habits of Millionaires
by Barbara Reinhold

According to a study of college students at the Ernst & Young International Intern Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida, 59 percent of these young leaders expect to be millionaires within their lifetime. What's more, 5 percent of them expect to hit the million-dollar mark while in their 20s.

And the super-rich are a growing group. The top 0.1 percent of the population's average income was $3 million in 2002, up two and a half times the $1.2 million, adjusted for inflation, that group reported in 1980.

Earned Money vs. Easy Money

Easy money usually comes from inheritance or luck, such as winning the lottery. The track record of people who get their money through the lottery or other windfalls is usually very different from those who created their wealth themselves or who planned for an expected inheritance. Lottery winners are often a sorry lot; more than 90 percent use up their winnings within 10 years -- some go through their money in weeks or months.

But there are some consistent patterns among those people who earn or plan to inherit their money, and these five strategies may be worth emulating.

1. Avoid the Earn-to-Spend Mentality

Michael LeBoeuf, author of The Millionaire in You, points out that to increase wealth, it's essential to emulate millionaires who view money as something to save and invest, rather than income to spend. Many wealthy people live quite simply, he points out, choosing less pretentious homes than they could theoretically afford and opting for financial independence over material showmanship.

2. Focus

LeBoeuf also counsels resisting the impulse to be scattered in your efforts and interests: "Winners focus; losers spray." And goals that are clearly written down are easier to keep in focus.

3. Do Whatever Is Necessary to Meet Your Goal

People who earn their millions are able not only to focus but persevere in the pursuit of their goals. One single mom entrepreneur, Melissa Clark-Reynolds, started her first business, a health and safety consultancy, when she had a young son. En route to her goal of being a millionaire by age 35, Clarke-Reynolds and her son ate lots of pizza, did homework late at night and often slept at the office. She is now a chief executive mentor for Empower New Zealand, a global business consulting firm headquartered in London.

4. Take Calculated Risks

You have to take strategic risks to earn and grow money. And a little rebelliousness seems to help too. One interesting study found a majority of male millionaire entrepreneurs had been in trouble with school authorities or the police during their adolescence.

5. Be Generous

And why doesn't it surprise us that millionaires are often very generous? Sometimes it's for the tax breaks, obviously, but often it's not. One Jewish Swiss millionaire, for instance, flew to Israel to give $5,000 in cash to a waiter at a Jerusalem café who foiled a Palestinian suicide bombing. Among the most generous of millionaires are those from North America, who are, according to a Merrill Lynch Cap-Gemini report, two to five times more likely to give to causes they value than their European counterparts.

These five habits are a pretty good prescription for living happily even if you're not a millionaire.

But LeBoeuf insists it's not so unusual to be a millionaire. As of 2004, there were 8.2 million households with a net worth of more than $1 million. And are the folks in those households happy? Yes, says professor Andrew Oswald of the University of Warwick in the UK. After studying more than 9,000 people over eight years, Oswald concluded that people who come into money are happier. The happiest among them, he says, seem to be "highly educated, well-paid women who have jobs."

And how much money does the professor say it takes to be happy? "About $1 million, give or take a little."
BE More Than They SEE

So often in life we are disuaded from achieving our dreams by people who tell us what we are not capable of. After all, the reason why your friends are your friends is because you all share some common interests with one another. But what happens when you develop an interest that is not shared by the other person - or the other people in your sphere?

I remember when I decided to leave school and join the Air Force. That was SO not my character - at least as how I was seen by my family and friends; however, I knew I wanted to do something different with my life at that time and that was the choice I made. I got the same reaction from most of those same people years later when I made the decision to become a police officer. Again, I violated the image that was held by those around me; however, I was doing so to better myself and to find self-satisfaction and not live up to someone else's expectations of what, who, or how I should be.

And now ... Now that I am on the verge of becoming a published author, I have done it yet again. So many people - especially those I work with - only see me as one way. In other words, they see my uniformed persona and figure that's who I am all the time in their minds. A select few know that is far from the truth. Many people who know me - who see me on a daily basis - can't envision me as a speaker or a writer.

But you know what? That doesn't bother me. Why should it? Why should I be bothered by what someone else cannot see in me? Why should you allow youself to be disuaded from reaching for your dreams by people who claim to care about you? You see ... these are the people I call the "Bubble Busters." They cannot envision a better way for themselves, so they work overtime at insuring you cannot see a better way for yourself.

Why can I not be a speaker? Because "so & so" cannot see him - or herself standing before a room full of strangers - or even friends, acquaintances, and or colleagues and giving a speech, I can't be capable of doing so? I THINK NOT!! Why can I not be a writer? Because "so & so" cannot see him - or herself making the time to write down a stray thought here and there over the years, and then compile and format those thoughts & ideas into a blog; an essay, a short story or even a book? I THINK NOT!!

Why can't you live up to your dreams? Because "so & so" said you weren't worthy? HOGWASH!! I may not have read my bible and my Qu'ran from cover to cover, but I am 99.9999% certain there are not scriptures in either doctrine that refer to a "so & so" telling us we are unworthy of achieving our dreams. What I do know is the devil is a liar, as is anyone who tells you that you are incapable of succeeding if you have it in your heart to put in the work necessary to succeed! Now, I can see if it's someone who is where you want to be and they are telling you that you need to improve yourself. But even if that person is instead destroying your hopes, you must understand why.

There are two dynamics at play here:

(1) Either the person does not want to see you succeed because they cannot (as Zig Ziglar says) "See the reaching" for themselves; i.e., the "misery loves company" & "Crabs in a barrell" scenarios.

or ...

(2) They do see that spark in you, and instead of fanning that spark into a flame of achivement, they try to squash it out because they are afraid that you will either rise to their level and or perhpas even surpass them; in which case they feel threatened by you.

I say to hell with them both! There is so much in this world. God gave us all of this for the taking, but taking something without having earned it or having it rightfully bestowed upon you nothing more than stealing.

Who do you want to be? What do you want to be? Don't worry about what other people can or cannot see in you ... BE more than what they SEE, and once you've become it, you will be the better person for it!

Take Care

Sunday, August 12, 2007

What Qualifies You to Follow Your Dreams?

After learning that I decided to become a Motivational Speaker, someone close to me posed the following question to me:"What credentials do you have and how many courses have you completed in motivational speaking? Have you received any designations yet - how many do you have?

Before I share with you my answer, understand this … Be wary of those who seek to challenge your dreams or demand that you justify yourself to them. Stand your ground. Justify yourself only to those who control your future. Those who stand beside you (peers) or behind you (people in your past), are not worthy of such justification. With that said ...


I am building my knowledge base while gaining experience when and where I can. This is not necessarily something one needs to have a particular degree in. Motivational Speaking is a lot like swimming in that you can't learn how to swim in a classroom. You've got to get into the pool.

I am not professing to be the best in the business, therefore I have no need for cute little initials after my name to justify I am qualified to speak my mind. For example, Les Brown does not have a college degree, nor does Anthony Robbins, but they are extremely successful Motivational Speakers. Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computers is a multi-billionaire; as is Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft & Windows, yet they do not possess college degrees. Russell Simmons is also a multi-millionaire who does not possess a college degree. Shawn Carter was once a drug dealer, but is now one of the most successful entertainers in his industry AND president of the most prolific record label in the genre of hip-hop music. Def-Jam Records/Entertainment is for my era what Motown was for the 50's & 60's.

I do not possess a college degree, yet I know that I made more money this year in my profession than every single teacher in this township who all possess Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees. Now, I do not say this to brag. I say this to stress that success is not measured by the cute little initials that follow one's name. Though measured in many different ways by many different people, to me … success is measured by how well people can do for themselves by setting goals and working hard to achieve those goals.

I am successful in part because of the foundation of my upbringing; however, the things I have accomplished in my adult life only I can take credit for. On the flipside, when I err, I hold myself accountable before anyone else can. I do appreciate the help I have received along the way, but no one else was with me doing those push-ups, or running in pain with shin-splints in both legs, staying up late studying, etc. No one else is along with me reading the books I read (13 last year and 10 - so far - this year). No one else is writing my speeches and when I speak, no one else is at that lectern speaking for me. People will succeed on a much greater scale when they realize they need to hold themselves accountable more and seek to place blame elsewhere less. I know I began to succeed in my life when I did.

My blogs are my speeches, and my speeches are my feelings. My insight was gained in part from my childhood, but more so from the lessons I have learned in MY LIFE, on MY JOURNEY. Again, you don't have to get it or understand it – THAT'S TOTALLY OKAY!!

When I read your questions, I felt as though you were asking me what qualifies me to be a Motivational Speaker. I do not say this to obtain an apology as I am certain this was not your intent; however, allow me to answer your question by saying that the fact that I am who I am, qualifies me. The fact that I have lived THIS long (as a black man in America), and the fact that I know I have the ability to get into people's hearts and minds and inspire them to do better for themselves is what qualifies me. My credentials lie in the students who were knuckle-heads headed nowhere, but are now in college qualifies me. The fact that I inspired my wife to turn a hobby into a successful business of her own, which has thus given her a new outlook on life and inspiration to be her own boss, is what qualifies me.

Ultimately, the fact that I know that in order for me to have more and to be more I must be willing to DO more is what qualifies me. The secret to being able to do something a million times over is to just prove you can do it ONCE. The first speech I ever gave was only 20 minutes long. I made $150.00 for giving that speech. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS … just for speaking AND for ONLY TWENTY MINUTES … THIS is what qualifies me! I am JUST BEGINNING now; however, as I increase my knowledge base through massive reading, and increase my skill and technique via continuous speaking engagements, I will continue to become an even more effective communicator, and in time, one who will be in great demand.

You see, the most successful people in the history of the world have not necessarily been the most "educated." The most successful people in the world have been those who were the most DRIVEN. You cannot learn DRIVE in school. You cannot learn PASSION in a classroom. College cannot teach a person SUCCESS as we live in a world filled with educated derelicts – WE LIVE IN A COUNTRY RUN BY ONE!

"HRJR Enterprises" exists because I SAY it does. It shall be the vehicle I use to better myself, my family, and those who I can reach and inspire to achieve success for themselves as I have achieved success for myself – and you know what? You don't have to get it or understand – THAT'S TOTALLY OKAY!! I even tell people, "This is what has worked FOR ME. Take what I'm telling you like you're shopping at the store. Try it all on to see if it fits. Take in what does and discard the rest. Wear it when the weather gets cold and see it if doesn't keep you warm and secure."

This is something I am committed to, and I do not seek justification or validation from anyone as I am capable of validating myself. My success is manifested in the success of those who I have been able to positively influence ... just by talking to them. When someone says to me, "You know, I never thought about it that way ... I'm going to try your approach," THAT is a moment wherein which I have succeeded ... and I have "succeeded" often.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Interested or Committed ... Which Are You?

Are you "interested" in living a better life or are you "committed" to it? You see, there IS a significant difference between the two. Things that tickle our fancy, or that we find interesting can easily be replaced by the very next thing that tickles our fancy. However, when you are committed to something, you have put yourself on a course towards achieving it. It could be a better job, a better relationship, or an overall better life; if you are truly committed to succeeding in a given endeavor your chances are far more greater than if you just acknowledge an interest in it. Therefore, if you truly want to achieve your goals - whatever they may be, you must learn to convert your interest into commitment.

For example, if you walk onto the lot of a car dealership and look around, you're going to be approached by a salesman. You're going to tell him that you're "just looking," but he's going to dig in by asking you question after question about what you are LOOKING FOR.

Then he's going to go about showing you cars that satisfy what you said you were looking for. He's going to show you all the bells and whistles, and if you're on YOUR game, you will ask more specific questions about mileage, warrantees and such. He'll then let you test drive a car or two, and then invite you in to run some numbers.

A half-hour to an hour later (if your credit is not too jacked up), you're driving off that lot in a new car. The salesman turned your INTEREST into COMMITMENT.
Nothing worth having will ever come easy. To paraphrase Frederick Douglass, without struggle there is no progress. You must be honest with yourself with regards to what you want to do and achieve in life. Take stock of what it is you find "interesting." Once you've done that, prioritize those interests. Once you've listed those "interests," COMMIT YOURSELF to seeing them through.

In the process, you will learn what's really important to you. In the process, you will learn what you are REALLY committed to - and once you have learned what you are committed to, you will be on your path towards achieving the greatness that is destined to be yours.

Remember ...

Saturday, August 04, 2007

How Do You Overcome the Disappointment
You Have in Someone Who has Hurt You?

Forgiveness is not something that comes easily for me - I will openly admit that. If someone crosses me, I am not prone to turn the other cheek. Unfortunately, we cannot go through life bearing all kinds of grudges. You cannot ascend to higher heights if you are chained to old & bitter resentments.

A while back, my father once told me, "Never let anyone live rent-free in your mind." What this means is that when someone crosses you or betrays your trust, and you spend - no, even better - waste time repeatedly going over and over in your mind about how mad you are at what they did and how no-good they are, you are giving them power over you. Unless you are certain that they are expending the same amount of time, energy, and or mental effort on you, you are giving them power over you and allowing them to "live rent-free in your mind."

I cannot spend my life rehashing all of the betrayals I have endured, nor can you. Life is too short. Put it in the hands of God; or whomever, or whatever you deem your higher power to be. When you lay your troubles in the hands of your faith, and trust that the Universe can and will deal out its retribution far better than you ever could, then you also release yourself. If you can find it in your heart to forgive the person - that's even better. However, as I said, forgiveness does not necessarily come easily for everyone.

Forgive if you can, but NEVER forget. There is a lesson to be learned in one's betrayal. For every honorable person out there, there is a dishonorable person. If one has found a way to betray you, trust that another person can also do so if he or she plots strongly enough. I tell you not to forget so that you may learn from these negative experiences ... so that you may pick up the necessary cues in order to minimize the chances of future betrayal.

Trust and believe, God ... the Universe ... that higher power is ALWAYS watching. None of us are without sin. Based on what we have done in our lives; good, bad, or indifferent - we shall all get what we have coming to us. If nothing else is certain in this world we live in - believe in this:


Walk towards the light, but do not allow that light
to blind you along the path you must walk in order to get to it.

This blog is the introduction to my upcoming book:
Find A Way to Make A Way:
You're Either Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution!

"Enjoy the sneak peek! If you do enjoy it, stay tuned and come back to this site often as I will surely let you know when the book is available!

"Find A Way to Make A Way:You're Either Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution!" ©2007 H.S. Reed, Jr.
(E-book release date: June 22, 2007; Paperback release date: TBA)


As a kid I was not very popular. Probably, because I always had my own way of thinking. I was not quite a leader, but I was not quite a follower either. I was just always my own person. I was comfortable in my own skin, but at the same time, I just could not find my niche amongst my peers. Basically, I do not think I have ever met a person who shares my interests with the same passion I do. I mean I have friends with whom I share common interests, but in most if not all of my relationships, there is a point wherein which I see a bigger picture, or a different picture altogether.

Throughout my adolescent and adult life I learned to observe others, and learn through observation, the kind of man I wanted to be. I am still becoming that man, and I guess I won't know if I succeeded until I die and hopefully have the opportunity to actually, as the cliché goes, "see my life flash before my eyes." Through observation I have learned to see things as they really are, yet what I have also learned is that people in the world see things as they want them to be. In time they make things as such … sometimes for the better, sometimes not … most often not. Additionally, there are those who may see things the way they want them to be but do nothing in terms of action to make it their reality.

In the pages that follow I articulate what I have observed and experienced, and I submit them to you as lessons. I submit them to you as lessons because in retrospect I learned something from all of those observations and experiences, both good and bad. Some lessons are longer than others, and a few are just short and to the point. It should be understood that these are MY opinions. Just because they work for me, I do not assert that they will work for everyone. My advice is that you just read with an open mind & try them on to see if they fit. Take what works and discard what does not. After all, that's all I have done!

Looking back over my life, I can remember the things that mattered most in terms of how I viewed relationships and money. The reason being, the first relationship I ever witnessed – like any other child was that between my mother and father. I watched it disintegrate before my eyes and not only was there nothing I could do about it, I was only three years old, at which age, I had neither the knowledge nor experience to even think to try to do anything about it. I just knew that something was wrong. Growing up, I came to realize that the most important thing I had to get together was ME. I made my mistakes but I saw the importance of learning from them.

I came up with the title for this book by just reflecting over my life. I am in a happy place right now, and it's only getting better. The reason for this is because I spent several years getting my mind right and then after reaping the benefits from that course of action, I found myself in a position where I was able to get my money right by taking responsibility for my past debts and educating myself towards handling what I have now so I can have more in the future.

I only wish to share some ideas with you. I only want to share what has worked for me with the hopes that it may work for you. I want for this book to be the match that lights the fire under your bottom to demand more … to demand more not from the world, your job, or the people around you, but to demand more from yourself.

It is my hope that this book serves as a jump start to your soul, so that you can begin running towards achieving whatever you believe will make your life better. This book is mostly a testimony of my life's journey's past and present, as well as an extended hand inviting you to get on board and pay closer attention to your own life's journey.

One of my heroes is the motivational speaker, Les Brown – who often says, "You can't get out of life alive – so you might as well enjoy the ride!" This book deals mostly with my life and how the things I experienced and observed brought me to where I am and will take me to where I want to go.

Now, I am NOT promising you financial riches. Personally, I am comfortable, but not monetarily rich, so it would be unethical – hell, flat out wrong for me to call myself teaching you how to attain something I have yet to attain myself. However, I AM on my way to becoming financially secure, and what I am promising you is if you take the time to make the time, keep the faith, FIND A WAY TO MAKE A WAY, and discipline yourself to succeeding and making no excuses along the way, you will (like the rapper 50 Cent's debut CD is entitled) GET RICH OR DIE TRYING.

FIND A WAY TO MAKE A WAY. What does this mean? There comes a time in everyone's life when if having to endure struggle after struggle and setback after setback, he or she reaches a moment of clarity and says, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired and I have had enough." But just acknowledging you are dissatisfied about whatever your present situation may be does not make it better. It's a start, because you are acknowledging that things need to change. Like an addict who cannot really find his or her way to sobriety until he or she admits within themselves that they are addicted, you cannot find your way to brighter days until you first admit that there is a dark cloud over your head.

How important to you is finding a brighter day in your life? Do you really have to reach rock bottom in order to come to the realization that things in your life need to change? Some people do. If you are reading this, hopefully, you haven't reached rock bottom, but if you are there, I want you to keep the faith. It took some period of time for you to be where you are today, and it is going to take another period of time in order for you to get to where you want to be.

"When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on"

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

There are some things we can do and some things we can't do. It's easy to determine what we can't do. All we have to do is say, "I can't do it," and abra-kadabra … you can't do it. There are some things that we will do and some things that we won't do. It's easy to determine what we won't do. All we have to say is "I won't do it," and abra-kadabra … like magic, you won't. It's just as easy – yet at the same time difficult to say what you can and will do.

Talk is easy – and cheap; however, what makes it difficult is when you say you can, and when you say you will, you are making affirmations to yourself that – if you are a person of integrity – you have to commit and live up to. The words "commitment" and "integrity" will be repeated countless times throughout this book. Commitment means the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action. Integrity means adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

In order for you to be able to successfully FIND A WAY TO MAKE A WAY to overcome the obstacles you will face on your journey, you will have to bind yourself to your course of action, and you will have to be honest and true to yourself and to those around you. Now, when I say you have to bind yourself to your course of action that is not an absolute. There will come times when you will have to change your approach.

What you are in fact binding yourself to is the act of doing something over doing nothing. Integrity comes into play because you have to be honest with yourself when something isn't working, and whichever change in course you decide to take, you must honorable in those actions as well.
This is the Official Press Release for My Upcoming Book!!

The book with a contract –
An author so sure you’ll “find a way” that he offers a warning and pledge.

Self-help books encourage you to try their methods for success – it’s the nature of the genre – with each one claiming an advantage over its predecessor. But an upcoming arrival to area bookstores, written by New Jersey native H.S. Reed, Jr., takes that recommendation a step further, opening with a warning statement.

“By picking up this book, you are committing to be a better person,” says Reed, author of Find a Way to Make a Way. “I have such faith in these methods that I am putting you in a position to commit to the journey,” he adds, referring to a contract/pledge of allegiance that follows the warning, requiring a signature to affirm one’s intent.

One thing Reed encourages readers to do, as the book’s subtitle suggests, is to decide whether or not they are “part of the problem” or “part of the solution” to their current life paths. While it is easy to see in the book that Reed believes there is greatness in everyone, he also feels that many people are too lazy to tap into that greatness. He sees the book as an invitation to readers to pay closer attention to their life decisions and actions.

“There comes a time in everyone’s life when after having to endure struggle after struggle and setback after setback, he or she reaches a moment of clarity and says, ‘I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired and I have had enough’,” says Reed. “But just acknowledging you are dissatisfied about your present situation be does not make it better.”

Reed wants his book to “light the fire” under readers to demand more, “not from the world, your job, or the people around you, but to demand more from yourself,” he says. Currently a police officer in Woodbridge, New Jersey, Reed sees himself as an “everyman,” the next-door-neighbor who has built a good life and grander plans ahead.

“This book is largely a testimony to my own life’s journey, past and present,” he says. “Essentially, I’m in a happy place right now, that’s only getting better. That’s because I’ve spent several years, getting my mind right, which thankfully put me in the position to get my money right. By taking responsibility for my past debts and educating myself on how to best handle the assets I now have, I can hopefully have more in the future.”

The words “commitment” and “integrity” are repeated countless times throughout the book. Reed refers to commitment as the act of binding to a course of action; integrity refers to honesty, a soundness of moral character. He says that in order to successfully “find a way to make a way,” readers must overcome obstacles, binding themselves to their courses of action and being honest to themselves and those around them.

Find A Way to Make a Way: You’re Either Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution is expected to be in bookstores by mid-October.

Note: Reed is available for media interviews and civic/corporate presentations.
For scheduling or an online advanced edition of the book, contact:

Jackie Simley/OMNI Talent Agency

Friday, August 03, 2007

"The road to success is always under construction. It is a progressive course, not an end to be reached."~ Anthony Robbins

"You're either on the way, or you're in the way!"~ Les Brown

It would be nice if we could just turn on a magic faucet or open a magic door and be able to have everything we ever wanted, but life just does not work that way. We have to make our own magic in our lifetimes. The very first step in creating your own magic is for you to sit down and create some goals. This is not a difficult process either. You don't have to want to be the greatest singer or athlete – especially if you're not already working towards it. Your first set of goals should be reasonable things. Again, for me when I was in my mid 20's I had set the following goals for myself to achieve by my 30th birthday:

1. I wanted to be in my chosen career.
2. I wanted to find and have the woman I was going to marry.
3. I wanted to drive a nicer car.
4. I wanted to move out from under my father's roof into a place of my own.

Achieving those goals was by no means easy, but I cannot begin to think where I would be had I not created them and worked to follow through on them. In other words, goals are what make the difference because goals give meaning to your life. They give you purpose. So how do you set your goals? Well, take a long, deep and honest look at your life. Think about the changes you want to make and then write them down. Let me repeat that … write them down! There is very little commitment in a goal that is wrapped in thought. When you write something you make it tangible. There's a rule in writing police reports that can be applied to this point, "if it's not written down in black & white – it never happened." So what are some small things you want to do? Clean your room. Straighten out your desk. What are some big things? Pay off your debts. Find the man or woman of your dreams. Start your own business. Start creating some goals, and even more important, start working towards achieving them. If you already have nothing … what do you have to lose?

"Success is simple. First, you decide what you want specifically; and second you decide you're willing to pay the price to make it happen – and then pay that price."~ Bunker Hunt, Texas Oil Billionaire

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Achieving Your Goals

"Until you achieve your goal, the only easy day is yesterday."
~ Jack Lalane

What do you want to do?
What do you want to have?
Who do you want to become?

When you come up with an answer to those questions you have an idea. When you imagine yourself having answered those questions you have a dream. When you decide to stand before God and the universe and proclaim that you are committed to making those answers a reality, you have a goal.Beware though ... when you make such a proclamation, God and the Universe take notice - BUT THEY DON'T TELL YOU, THEY SHOW YOU by way of their super secret agent known as "Murphy's Law." When you make that proclamation, Agent Murphy gets a 911 page and he sets out to pitch a tent in your backyard!

Nothing worth having is easy, but as you struggle to achieve, keep in mind that as each day passes, it's one less day you have to worry about and one more day closer you are to achieving your goal.If you quit once you've started - or even worse, quite BEFORE you started on the journey to achieving your goal, whatever it was you said you wanted to do; whatever is was you said you wanted to have, and whoever it was you said you wanted to be, you have proven yourself UNWORTHY.There can be no shame greater than the shame one feels from having given up ... ON HIMSELF (or HERSELF).

Until you achieve your goal, the only easy day is yesterday!

"Maiestas saluto non mediocris - Fortibus fortuna favet"

"Greatness visits not the mediocre - Fortune favors the brave"